Google Play Store comes with ample of free apps but with multiple apps, chances of anomalies like; low quality, deceptive applications, also increases. In order to provide its user with best of the best, Play Store has opted for creating its own recommended section, which only includes the best quality apps from their free section.

Many stores including Apple’s iTunes App Store are popular for including a best free app of the week lists. Now Google seems to be adapting the idea as well, this will hopefully lead to better app experience, and also promotion of applications which deserve the given attention.

Users have already noticed this recommendation section, and have appreciated the new update. One of the new entry in this category includes ‘Car wars – Adventure Time’, which is a card battling game, and is gaining popularity on mobile devices. The game is not free, and costs $2.99.

Google’s idea to add a ‘Free App of the Week’, is great, and is available in certain markets of the world.  Even if you are unable to view the section in your country, you can simply have a look at the one which is most recommended, and give it a try.