A website that uses $MFT in its directory is enough to crash your PC. Just because you have downloaded Windows 7 and it holds a legacy, doesn’t mean that it will prevent your computer from hacking.

According to a Russian site Habrhabr.ru, a new bug has been found which can cause or crash your computer if you visit site with a certain name. This problem hasn’t left any one; it will also create problems in Windows 8 and Vista computers. However Windows 10 PC’s are shielded against this bug.

These websites have a string character ‘$MFT’, within its directory, where a certain website keeps all its images. On clicking on these links you will generate enough problems to crash or hang your computer. At this point you will be left with only a single solution which is rebooting.

Incidents like these really raise the question of data security on the internet. If your PC is already affected by the bug, there is pretty much nothing that you can do apart from not loading or downloading the content from this website. I also think it is high time that users switch to Windows 10. This also showcases how Windows 10 at least provides better proficiency at data security.