Google unveiled its I/O Home, last year. This was a failed attempt to match Echo’s success. The tech giant is also planning on adding some new features in its voice Assistant, Home.

Google’s failed attempt to boast up the popularity of Home, has also gone to dunk, due to its unpopularity on mobiles. Even with its October Pixel release, Google was still stuck at the limited reach of its voice assistant. Meanwhile, brands like HTC, Huawei, Amazon, and Samsung have launched their own assistants which are surprisingly doing better than Google Home.

So now Google is planning on launching a better version of Home, which leverages all the smart features and synergies. This assistant gospel is said to sail on the nest which will allow it to operate third party products as well as user integration. It is also being redesigned into a smaller cheaper bundle. It will also push third party integration, which will match up with Alexa’s functionality and profound reach.

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It’s clear that Google plans on taking over the sound system and voice assistant market. However, their lack of direction can end up being a major problem in their hardware.