Buick recently unveiled its brand new car, Regal. As it is surging to become relevant in the premium market of United States. Its 2018 Regal was showcased in Geneva Auto Show, which was held in March. The sport back sedan exhibits a roomy, innovative and Tesla Model S like finish.

TourX Regal is expected to release with a five door wagon, which will be fashionable just like its competitor’s; Audi’s Allroad and Volvo Cross Country. It is almost an inch higher than other sport back models, and offers a very classy yet rugged fender cladding look.

Buick isn’t releasing any price details, any time soon. It will probably be in thousands of dollars, still cheaper than its expensive competitors. Both TourX and Sport back will probably be on road by the end of this year.

Image Source – Buick.com

Doug Osterhoff, Buick’s marketing manager, recently claimed in an interview, that Regal will offer all features of an expensive car, without demanding thousands of extra dollars. Buick is slowly making a comeback, with its increased demand in US. Regal was designed by Opel in Germany, which was recently acquired by Renault and Citroen. However, Buick claims its collaboration with Opel for designing will continue for 12 more vehicles, which is estimated to be manufactured by 2020.