Microsoft recently updated its Store policies, in order to ban developers and ensure that no apps are created that emulate its games. Nesbox’s Universal Emulator has already been removed from its store after the update, this app was used for playing on Sega ROMs and Nintendo. It was one of the most popular app on Windows store, which allowed users to play games through and on Xbox One controller.

Several PG Gamers, have reported that you can still get the app outside the store, which is good news, considering it had quite a few thousands of users. Microsoft updated its store policies, with its last update which was made on 29th March.

Previously in January, Microsoft showed its concern regarding these emulated apps which were illegal in a way. Earlier Microsoft had no issue with these apps, which turned into a competition for the device. In order to ensure high sale, Microsoft banned the app all together.

While Microsoft is making amends to remove all gaming emulators from its Windows store, Google remains carefree, and is filled with such apps on its Android Store. Previously, Apple also banned such apps from its Apple store. This leaves Google as the only Store which allows existence of game emulators on its app Store.