The most sought for SUV in the market today is none other than the Tesla X, which is being considered better than even the most expensive model from the company, yet. This model is equipped with an electric seven seater, and is being compared to hybrid SUVs like Range Rover, Audi Q7 or Volvo XC – 90. It is completely OK if you too are one of those people who dream of owning this truly wondrous car, given below are its key details which you should consider.

Tesla Model X
Tesla Model X

Unique Design

Unlike other SUVs, this is low, round, and has a blank face, with a small grille for the mustaches. The rear doors of the car look like falcon wings, as they open up upwards, instead of outwards.


The interiors of the car look similar to the ones in Tesla S. Two touch screens are available on the dashboard, which allow the driver to alter settings. One of the screen is in the middle, the other one has been placed behind the wheel. The built quality of the vehicle is akin to the ones in Audi and its likes. This is considered as the most practical SUV, with a massive amount of luggage space, with folded seats.


The company recently ditched the 60 Kwh battery to opt for the 75 Kwh for the 75D model. Although this can allow 259 miles, if driving on New European Driving Cycle, this however is not remotely possible in daily commute. Tesla X, has a battery of 100 Kwh, which can reach 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds, and has a quoted range of 336 miles.


Price and Reviews

Many users are considering Tesla X as exorbitant, with a starting price of 76,500 euros for model 75 D. Which is more than an addition of 10,000 euros. The 90 D model will rob you of 85, 000 euros, and the P90D of 103, 400 euros.