If you have been waiting to put your hands on a LG G6, your wait is finally over. The phone will be available from April 7th  and buying the device latest by 30th of April will land you with Google Home application for free. The device will be available for preorder before the actual release.

T-Mobile, US Cellular, Sprint and AT&T are the selling partners of the device which happens to be offering the Google Home deal. Sprint might extent this offer till 11th May 2017. If we talk about its price, T-Mobile will be selling it for $650, with a fee of $26 per month, till 24 months, which includes a down payment of $26.

AT&T, will charge you $24 each month for 30 months, totaling its price to $720. Sprint is offering a $708 deal with monthly payment of $29.50 for 24 months. It is also offering a limited time offer of 49 inch LG 1080p HDTV worth $350 free with G6.

US Cellular will sell it for $597.60, but the company is also offering a $297.60 promotional credit if you sign up for their installment phone plan of 30 months, which cuts down the price to $300.

G6 is one of LG’s latest upcoming flagship phone, which has 5.7 inch display phone with two primary cameras, and you will not have to wait beyond 7th of April for this.