One of the most inspiring and innovative CEO’s across the globe, Elon Musk is all set to surprise us with yet another feat he is working on. Through his new company Neuralink, he is attempting to develop what is called a ‘neural lace’ technology that will be used for uploading thoughts in your brain, on the computer and downloading thoughts directly in the brain; through the use of electrodes, connected directly to the brain.

Although Musk has still not made any official announcement of the same, the company ‘Neuralink’ has already been registered as a ‘Medical Research’ company in California. The company was registered in July last year, and will be funded by Musk himself. If this technology sees the light of the day, it would most certainly be a remarkable feat. As this would allow one to literally put their thoughts on a computer, analyze them, and even preserve them in-case the person is not surviving anymore.

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This can be a break through, which will allow for monitoring a person’s thoughts, feeding things in their heads, and also knowing what all they have been thinking about. The operations of the company are largely unclear and not much can be said about its working and position, in comparison to his other companies like Tesla and SpaceX.