Just a few weeks after multiple suicidal videos were posted on Facebook, the company has decided to initiate a new plan; adding a team of 3000 people in its operating team. This team will screen these harmful posts and videos, which can lead to any further influence or harm.

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg said these people will be added in addition to 4500 people who were already working to solve this problem. It is a major move taken by the company, which however doesn’t seem enough, as Facebook has over 2 billion users currently. He also acknowledged all the data security and mental health issues of these users. He reassured that Facebook is trying to build a safer community, which doesn’t involve any controversial issues like.

More man power deployment is only going to help the team detect any content which can ruin the image of Facebook. The biggest problem, with this issue is that it might soon start to become a trend, which can encourage others to create similar suicide videos like this. Users should ignore such videos, as more views will only bring them to attention, spreading a negative message in the society.

Zuckerberg also talked about simplifying Facebook procedures for reporting any such post. As the world’s biggest networking site, Facebook has a lot of responsibility on its shoulders to provide a safe and sound place for its users.