Manufacturing jobs is the current hot topic in the States, and it is no secret that the American President wants big brands to join in the moment and manufacture more products in the States itself.

Recently CNBC’s Mad Money, interviewed Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, who announced that iOS giant is creating a fund, to promote manufacturing in United States, which is being seeded at $1 billion. Cook talked about how Apple has created over 2 million jobs over the years. He broke it down to states employees in different departments, divisions and retail stores.

Cook gave credit of Apple’s success to its developer community, which comprises of over 1.5 million people. Apple has over a dozen stores each in almost 155 countries across the globe, which is a really empowering experience for the company. Apple already actively invests in developer community in multiple ways, be it their developer center in India or offering gestures like WWDC scholarships.

Cook also stated that Apple will announce all it’s fund raising later this month. CNBC’s interviewer tried to get any upcoming details of any upcoming projects. Cook hinted on possible projects, however didn’t spill any specific flavor of the team.