Good news for Facebook, recently the social media giant has been freed from all charges regarding its privacy violations scam. According to reports, the district federal court of San Jose, California, dismissed the lawsuit against Facebook, claiming the company didn’t do anything to violate the laws or privacy regulations.

The case involved Facebook being accused of using and tracking the browsing habits and history of users who no longer had a Facebook account. One of these former account users filed this case, ranting about how Facebook was violating user privacy. But it seems like government of USA doesn’t mind if their citizen data is tracked like this.

This lawsuit was filed in early 2012, which was partially dismissed in 2015, by the very same judge, Edward Davila. Davila felt like the case could be revisited and revised so he initiated the reopening of the case. However, Facebook managed to come out clean, stating that tracking cookies and keeping a record of user’s online activities can’t be seen as a violation of privacy as most websites work online using these trackable information.

This might be a legislative success for the company, but it seems like Facebook has been surrounding itself in quite a lot of accusations lately. This does raise the question of data security and user protection online. As there are no set of online regulations, on which you can fight your case against big social media companies like Facebook.