Recently an AI defeated humans to a high score in Ms. Pac-Man making 999,990 points, which is almost four times of what humans were able to score.

And so it’s official, AI software are now the best players of Ms. Pac Man, which is 1980’s based arcade classic, which involves ghosts and eating pellets. This is one of the most difficult games known to the mankind, which explains why AI was able to beat our human record.

This AI was reportedly created by Canadian startup last year, which was acquired by Microsoft’s Maluuba team in the starting of this year. This AI made this high score in Atari game, beating humans, by creating four times their score.

Image Source – Youtube

A reinforcement learning procedure named Hybrid Reward Architecture was involved in creating this software, which helped it operate and play the game. This is not the first time humans have face defeat from technology. Google’s AlphaGo also defeated us badly in one of the most popular top Go (Chinese board game) master, named Lee Se-dol last year.  Microsoft’s AI is still an unpredictable game, its prospects are yet to be researched and explored. However, AI is still not advanced enough to tackle real life situations.