Android O’s preview has just been dropped, and it solves some mystery around the speculations regarding the features of the latest version. However, this preview is not enough to predict or judge all new features, and performance of the software. Since this is a preview version, it is still open to several alterations, till its official release.

The easy snooze notification feature has been modified, now you just need to pull down the notifications, and swipe right. This brings to you a clock gear, that lets you set a snooze of 15, 30, 60 minutes on the notification window.

Google has introduced a few new updates on notification control, which allows you to change its background, alerts for high priority notifications etc. The most evident change is in Android Settings app, whose background is completely white, with a search bar on top.

Some interesting changes are made in UI Tuner System, which will offer quick activation by holding the gear button. You can also customize navigation at your bottom screen, lock screen and do not disturb mode. Apart from adding shortcuts to your lock screen, now you can add specific functions, for example ‘Compose on Gmail’ or ‘Latest Music Video on YouTube’.

It is expected that Google might add a few more themes. Some of its other features include WiFi, bluetooth audio listening with LDAC support and beautiful pictures with a wide color gamut. We won’t recommend you to update your Android just yet, as it is a preview version which can best be used by programmers.