Google Calendar is all set to enter Apple’s iPad. Google launched a compatible version of its marquee calendar on Apple’s tablets. The app basically supports all features of a calender, by also providing you a shared calendar which is provided by Google services. It also includes an addition to its native Apple calendar, which allows with an easy access to time and space, to meet other individuals who are also a part of the organization.

Considering Google is the company behind Android, its Calendar is coming as a surprise to iPad. Apart from this, Google hasn’t kept any ties with Apple, staying as far away from the company. You can use the Google calendar on Apple tablets; however it is not designed for them.

The move is likely motivated as a way to push its G suite to as many people as possible. Google is aggressively working to make consumers switch to Google’s Suite, from Microsoft office.

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Google calendar app is available for iOS as ‘Outlook for iOS’, which was available in Apple’s tablets since 2015. Google plans on launching more features for iOS, like ‘Today’ widget, which arranges all the upcoming events of the user, in its Notification Center.