The wait is finally over, or has started, if you wait till 9th May to get the Best Buy offer, to make a pre order for Samsung Galaxy S8. The Company will offer the unlocked version of the device staring 9th May, so that you can pre order the sleek and gorgeous handset. However, you should think before investing in a carrier locked device as it can bring quite a lot of struggles. Patiently waiting till May   sounds like a more sensible thing to do.

Technically, we can legally unlock any new phone in US, if we have paid and owned it for the mentioned waiting period. However, this unlocking won’t help if your device doesn’t support LTE bands, which is essential for a high speed data. Considering, the fact that if something goes wrong, the manufacturer and carrier won’t be able to help.

A locked device comes with several kinds of useless software and apps, which can’t be removed. In a factory unlocked phone, you see only the intended software, with minimum additional apps. A locked carrier can also lead to delayed updates in the device. Whether you buy it today or May 9th, you are pretty much paying the same. For carrier you will pay $720-750 and unlocked will cost you $725.

Like last year, free $100 VR Gear was offered with Samsung Galaxy S7, with its pre order deal, this year also such deals are likely to come with the unlocked version. You will make a more informed and rational choice if you wait till May, as you will get trusted reviews and performance details of the phone.