Currently the tech giant is testing its new transparent interface which is designed for Google Feed (aka Google Now). Google is also experimenting with its Google Search app, while inserting three tab interfaces in it.

Recently, a Reddit user shared a screenshot of this new Google Feed with Transparent screen. He also claimed that the new design restarted his Pixel XL Smartphone. His Pixel device was running on 7.1.2 Android.

The images shared by the users displayed the transparent feed, with current wallpaper. The information of this feed can be seen overlaid on the display. According to Android Authority, users will still have an open access to Google cards and additional buttons like calculator, weather and other apps while using this transparent Google Feed.

Image Source – Android Authority

Google is currently testing this new outlet, and considering all user feedbacks to ensure that users can benefit and adapt to the changes. Android Police also reported that Google is apparently testing a third tab’s two versions on its main search tool. It looks like Google is on a role, making potential changes on in search box and other screens to create a better operating system. It is not being revealed as to when will these changes were made available worldwide, but its testing seems to be going at a smooth pace.