Recently Facebook tried to help the victims of fire at Grenfell Tower, which was a 24-storey block in the west side of London. More than six people were reported dead in this fire, when Facebook decided to step in with an intention to help the residents of the tower.

Facebook built a push alert, for the user in the locality as well as people residing miles away from the epidemic. We sure can’t deny that Facebook started off this alert with a good intention, but people were quick to judge the social media site. Those living miles away from the tower received these alerts, which were inducing stress amongst the users.

Several users took to twitter and shared their views on this push alert stating their fear. Some people also criticized Facebook for inducing fear and stress in people to gear up user engagement amongst them.

It’s strange that Facebook was including anybody apart from the people living in the affected building in this service. Facebook later stated that they were unable to work with the algorithm to create an exact Safety check for the area. The only solution to Londoners regarding this Facebook defect was to turn off their accounts.