Google surely surprised everyone at its latest hardware event with its brand new Clips Camera. Clips camera is different from the traditional cameras and is designed for mostly passive use. The makers behind the Clips have the idea to create a device that could capture moments which are often missed by the normal camera or Smartphone. It captures ‘Motion Photos’ which is a new format that Google has developed to capture brief movements around the frame.

There is no audio feature on the device but it features smart recognition and only shares media once it’s connected to the phone. The Clips camera doesn’t use a network for sharing thus it’s entirely for private use and as the name goes, it can be clipped anywhere. Google has taken a step forward in the technological advancement, and it’s said that the device will have some algorithm to identify key persons or pets which users can choose and capture.

The device is priced at $249 and will feature 16 GB onboard storage. According to Google, the device can work for three hours of passive smart capturing in one charge. The smart camera has a mega 130-degree field of view and has Gorilla Glass 3 for protection. There are connectivity options such as USB C, Bluetooth LE, and Wi-Fi Direct.

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It’s an excitingly new product from Google and might become a hit too given its price which is slightly expensive. As long as features and design are considered, Clips Camera is a good product but it’s mostly for passive and personal use. However, it doesn’t appear to be a device that one could rely on vacations and outdoor trips. Google has several plans to expand the features of this product but for now, this little portable AI Driven Camera sounds is their major step.