Amazon Echo launches Smart Speakers: Everything you need to know

Amazon India is all set to finally introduce the brand new smart speakers in Indian Markets. The demand for speakers in India is growing at an exponential rate and it’s only wise to launch such tech-enhanced speakers in the growing market. The new product launch puts a direct competition to Google’s voice-activated Google Home speakers which are building a strong market presence in India.

The products are Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Plus and their prices are 4499 INR, 9999INR and 14999 INR respectively. All these products feature Amazon’s Alexa which is a smart virtual assistant. Amazon has tied up with many content creators to feature content on their wireless Speakers to maximize the user’s customized experience. The products feature 360-degree omnidirectional audio. Users can also use them for various services like ordering food, requesting a cab, etc

Amazon has adopted a different market strategy for Echo Smart speakers. The products are launched of course but they aren’t available for purchase in stores or on Amazon. The interested users have to request Invites if they wish to purchase it and according to Amazon, those who invite and purchase will get 30% discount. Those who are buying the Echo Devices can also have a free subscription to Amazon Prime Music Service that awaits its launch in India. As per the announcements, the shipping will begin from 30th October.

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Amazon is pretty much confident about their product launch in India seeing their success in the global market and increasing demand for wireless and automated smart speakers. It would be interesting to see how Amazon’s speakers perform in Indian market because they are surely going to face serious competition from Apple, as the company is awaiting the launch of their brand new HomePod, which is powered by Siri. However, none of the products, Google Home and HomePod are available for purchase in India.