In a move aimed at curtailing lite versions of banned Chinesse apps like Tik Tok , Bigo etc, Goverment of India has banned 49 more related apps. According to a news report carried out by ANI the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has taken the effort to stop such clones from operating.

While this news of additional app versions and clones is on expected lines, it is surprising to note that some Chinese apps were still using the loophole in governments previous decision to continue their operation.

Popular Chinese apps like TikTok have been recently flagged by authorities in many countries for compromising user data. There has been accusations that some of these apps are transferring data to Chinese servers and may even share them with Chinese government.

chinese apps banned

The reaction to ban on Chinese apps in India has been largely positive with most Indian internet users – with many considering it as a digital strike on China coming close on heels of border clash between the two countries