With the ban on Tik Tok taking effect, there has been a tremendous interest in home grown Indian video sharing apps. One the biggest benefactors of this has been Chingari which has raked millions of downloads in quick time. The app is growing from strength to strength and we the average user is getting quickly attached to it

Let’s see how we can use the app

Step 1: First go to Google Play and Install the Chingari app

Step 2:  After the app is installed you will get a standard terms and conditions page. Accept it and then select your language (example Hindi)

Step 3: In the next screen the app shows you the standard swiping mechanism

Step 4: In the next screen you will find main video page. There are two prominent sections – Videos and News.

You can scroll down the videos or use the swipe mechanism to find new videos. The interface is very similar to Tik Tok

Step 5: If you are looking to know about latest happenings – go the News section you can read the latest News

How does it stack up against Tik Tok

To be fair the app is fairly new and is still in process of becoming a more established platform. Hence in our Chingari app review we have considered both its Indian credentials and its fresh heritage. It would take some time to become a full-fledged rival to Tik Tok. However its initial performance seems satisfactory. Overall it’s a good made in India video sharing app and hopefully it will improve in coming days

Rating Score: 3.5/5