Nintendo Switch is likely to hit the market during the start of summer. With its features and technology already stated, customers can now decide whether the console is worth $300 or not.

The console structure of the switch handles its trademark name gracefully. Considering it as an ambitious project, it raises a lot of chances of failing its customers. It uses the same flash memory, as used in iPhone. Nintendo, is an effective and efficient gaming device, which offers portability.

It contributes to a few hardware problems as well. It works mostly fine, however it is raising a few syncing problems with Joy-Con, which often leads to disconnections. It provides limited memory, the kickstand it has, is kind of clumsy. The company promoted it as a handheld, tabletop and a living room device, but it is best at serving as handheld.

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The switch was promoted and launched with ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild’, which is one of the most popular games, which is also a great selling point for the Nintendo switch. However, the game is not exclusively available on Nintendo; you can also get it on Wii U. It is inextricably connected to Nintendo, which make this one point enough to seal the deal.

However, its price becomes a problem, as it comes with a few hidden costs as well, like you have to spend an extra $80 to buy a new JOY-Cons. It feels like an expensive alternative to PS4 and Xbox One.

All in all, you can obviously find a better and cheaper gaming alternative.