Microsoft is changing the way you used to play on your gaming console. The company announced on Wednesday that you can live stream your gaming sessions with the world, using Beam Streaming; Microsoft’s own broadcasting service for games. The announcement gained attention as this service will bring competition for Twitch streaming, which is used by millions of gamers to chat and play together.

Beam will come in-built, installed in your Xbox One, and will eliminate any chances of you downloading another game streaming app like Twitch, in your console. Microsoft acquired the company in August under Beam. Beam has been in the testing services since. The test version is said to allow, its users to add modifications to several apps, like Minecraft, etc, using a software development kit. This will allow, the players who are live streaming together to change general settings like, causing the night to turn into day etc.

However, in their announcement on Wednesday, no such information was confirmed, so it’s still unclear as to what might have been included in the streaming app to get a one up over Twitch. Microsoft’s Chad Gibson, who is a partner group program manager, informed Gamespot that Microsoft is still in talks with third party to install more features to the device, which might be available in the market by this year.

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Beam will be exclusively available for PC users by 11th of April 2017. The company is pitching for app’s compatibility with Windows 10 Operating system, which will still keep Microsoft PC sales safe, and will also motivate consumers to use their products.