Who would have imagined that in the Wii U days that one day Nintendo will be making sale records? This exact time last year the product was losing more dollars than it was making. But the combination of Nintendo with Switch seems to be doing just fine, making sales that it’s getting out of stock more than its available in the market.

According to Reuters, it is being reported that Nintendo made a profit of $144.95 million in its operating time between just April and June, surpassing the estimated sales forecast of 11.55 billion yen according to their own analyst. Last year the same company was losing money, in the same way, it’s earning today. It seems like the Nintendo Switch will break all of its prior records.

The Switch sales doing better than the company expected. They have sold over 4.7 million Switch Hardware units, and over 13.6 million for games. Nintendo Switch has been making printing money like paper these days. Nintendo Switch is also promoting the sales of other games as well with it. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has also sold 3.54 million units since its release in April. ARMS also sold 1.18 million units globally. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild also sold 3.92 million units worldwide. Nintendo Switch has prompted the sale of over 8.14 game units with its Switch. Nintendo isn’t just making money alone but is also helping other developers to enhance their sales. One of the biggest reasons of its sale it that the device is popular amongst all age groups.

Image Source: http://www.nintendo.com

This fall, it is speculated that Nintendo will be releasing games like Pokémon Ultra Sun, Pokémon Ultra Moon and Super Mario Odyssey, including a Super Entertainment Nintendo System with an NES Classic Edition. Apart from making a good sale, the switch is also getting amazing customer’s review, who can’t get off this gaming module.