How to Optimize and Boost Better Performance on Your PC

We all are guilty of using and keeping unnecessary data on our system. We often keep it loaded with heavy games, software’s, and other movies, that PC eventually give up, and drain from all the heavy storage, slowing down with time. There are multiple reasons which can lead to the slow down your computer. So, we have listed a few tips to help you boost up your PC speed.

  • Use Performance Troubleshooter

First of all try using a performance troubleshooter, which will automatically find problems on your PC and fix them. This software basically checks if the user is using more multiple programs, or if multiple users are logged into the system.

You can check it by selecting the Start button, then Control Panel. And then type Troubleshooter in your search box and select the icon. Now click on Check for performance issues.

  • Delete Useless Software and Files

If you are frustrated with your PC’s speed then it’s time you clean your system storage. This includes all the movies that you plan on watching but never touch its folder and trial editions of software that you never planned on upgrading. Uninstall all programs that don’t serve your daily need.


  • Set a startup limit on programs

Many programs come with an inbuilt setting of automatically starting as soon as the Window starts. Thankfully these setting can be customized according to user preference, who can limit the startup of these programs.

Delete unnecessary files

  • Clean Your Hard Disk

Your Hard disk storage can directly affect the speed of your computer. Cleanup your hard disk and remove all unnecessary files from it.

  • Avoid using multiple programs at the same time

Changing computing behaviors can also play a significant role in affecting your PC’s performance. If you have a habit of using multiple programs or dozens of browsing windows at once, then don’t be surprised if your system shuts down completely one day.

Rather than opening multiple windows, make a habit to complete tasks of each window and close them as you go.

Using multiple antivirus programs can also affect the efficiency and performance of your system, so ensure that you only use one antivirus at a time.


  • Turn off your PC’s Visual Effects

If your system is losing its speed, you can boost it by disabling its visual effects. Decide what’s more important for you, Appearance or Performance? You have to decide whether you would like to operate on a better-looking screen or a better performing system.

How to optimize and boast performance of your PC

  • Restart Regularly

This is one of the simplest tips on our list. Using your PC for than a few hours can increase its temperature, which directly affects the speed of your computer. So, make sure to give it a 5 minutes break or just restart it frequently to ensure it works smoothly without any problem.


  • Check for Spyware and Viruses

Viruses are one of the most popular problems faced by PCs users. It can hang your system spreading in every folder on your system. So, make sure to use a strong reputed antivirus software regularly to keep your PC safe and sound.