Recently Tesla CEO, Elon Musk crushed all hopes of Model 3 owners, expecting a technologically advanced dashboard. He recently tweeted that the product will neither come with any advancements or up-gradations. The car will come with the same capacity as its flagship Model S.

Model 3 is a more compact affordable version of Tesla S. It also comes with a lower range and power, offering only a few features. Model 3 will also not feature ‘auto extend handles’ which were introduced by the company with Model S.

While its price makes the lacking features obvious, the hype created for Model 3 is the main reason behind its bizarre expectations. Model 3 Tesla prototype was unveiled last year, which lacked the traditional gauges of an instrument panel, which made many motor enthusiasts to imagining that Tesla might include a special dashboard, believing it to have a HUD (Heads Up Display), on its windshield.

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The car comes with a 15 inch touchscreen display on its center console on the front. As of Now, Tesla doesn’t seem to have any hidden plans to implant a HUD in it Model 3. Seeing the enthusiastic response to this matter Musk responded with a rational answer, as the Model is more tilted towards being more autonomous, the requirement for suite information kind of becomes an irrelevant issue.

However, we are still months away from the car launch. We can still hope for a few additional features that company is hiding.