One of the main reasons that keeps Google at the top is; it has an innovation engine that is way ahead of all the time. One of its long dead features now seems to be in works again. Google on Wednesday surprised its users with a new feature in Google maps that now enables users to share their location in real time.

This is not one of those features that it just thought about, but instead the one it had thought about long back; in 2009, but could implement it only eight years later! Back then the feature could not be launched as people voiced concerns about the feature violating privacy. But now, when people are so much into social media and are already using apps that monitor your location, having the feature in Google maps does not bother much.

Through the use of this feature, you can now give your boss a proof of being stuck in traffic, keep an eye on your smart phone using kids, and a lot more. The feature certainly comes as an advantage or a boon. This is however not the first time that a long dead feature or technology has been not only resurrected, but also praised for being useful and much needed.