Nokia phones were once known for having the best cameras in the smart phones, but it looks like Nokia has given up on getting back to the same popularity that it once held.

It a shame that the company which made devices like N95, 808 PureView and Lumia 1020 with such amazing camera, are delivering a phones with such bad quality. It looks like Nokia seems to believe that fancy names will automatically improve the camera quality of your phone.

Recently HMD Global announced that Nokia will be collaborating with Zeiss Camera, aiming to create smart phones with the best camera standard in the industry. But these two brands have proved that a company with a solid goodwill can also deliver poor performance in their devices. Another example of such blunder is the collaboration of Huawei P9 and Leica, whose camera turned out a total waste of resources and technology.

Image Source – WordPress blog

HMD Global, might has Nokia’s and Zeiss lenses but, they lack the perfect DNA that it takes to create a perfect camera. And looking at the importance of cameras in Smartphone’s today it’s very unlikely that Nokia will be making any sales with its new launches. This might even affect the sale of Nokia’s first dual camera phone Nokia 9.