This Window 10 can be seen as an evolution of Microsoft Windows. It has been designed with a different outlook. Everything from its processor, to its launcher and features has been built with innovation and efficiency in mind.

Microsoft has launched its three updates, November Update, Creators Update and Anniversary Update over the last few months, now it’s back again with a new update. This update has fixed all the bugs of its previous update, and has also prompted the speed within its system. The coding is also done in a precise manner that helps in making its interface quick and interactive.

They have also worked on data security making, the whole system recovery friendly, erasing all reboot loops that might manipulate with the initial workings of the system. Microsoft has also fixed its gaming experience in Xbox Live, allowing users to get detailed information about their gaming history and achievements.

Image Source – Windows 10 Download

The highlight of the update was focused to enable Cortana smoothly, which will now deliver better and more advanced results in its search. These updates are a great way of staying connected with the users, people also seem to like them and are adapting them without many complains.