According to a leak from last year, it was reported that the Gold Edition of PS4 Slim, will soon launch in the market. It is also reported that this gold colored gaming system will cost you about $250.

The leak report was posted by a Twitter user named ‘wario64’, who fortunately got hold of a Target weekly ad which will launch on June 11th that features this limited edition console.

The gaming console is set at a price of $250 in an ad, which was set to be launched on June 11th. However, PS4 Slim is yet to be confirmed officially. PS4 has been using these leaks as a market strategy to launch new products in a more hyped manner.

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According to NeoGAF reports, PS4 will launch with several games like Mass Effect: Andromeda and Horizon: Zero Dawn worth $40. Other games like Grand Theft Auto V, NBA 2K17 and Battlefield 1 are also reported to be listed on discount of $30 each during its launch week. Currently, PS4 Slim is available in glacier white and matte black. However, the glacier white is only available in US Wal-Mart exclusive section in the Call of Duty bundle.