Google will soon turn into a robust backup tool, which will allow you to create backup of the entire data on your computer. Now instead of saving your files inside Drive folder, Google is going to monitor and create backup inside any folder of the users choice, which can be on your desktop or any other location.

It is reported that this backup feature will hit the markets at the end of this month on 28th June. It will be available in the form of an app named ‘Backup and Sync’. It looks like Google is trying to take the burden off its old Google Photos Backup app and Google Drive app.

However, Google is suggesting its business users to stick to their existing Drive apps. Other than them, they are encouraging everyone to switch to the new app as soon as it comes out. Users will be able use and edit these files. The highlight of the app is its intermediary feature which allows you to share backup data, by syncing with multiple systems.


Image Source – Google

Google has set a 15GB free limit on this app, after which users will have to pay to secure greater amount of data. This move by Google enables users to secure data on multiple locations, by keeping it secure.