According to a report by Bloomberg, it is believed that Qualcomm plans on appealing to International Trade Commission to ban iPhone imports in America. This can be the latest war between Qualcomm and Apple.

Qualcomm expects that ITC might rule over the issue compared to other courts. Majority of Apple products; iPhone and iPads are manufactured in China, which are later imported in the home country for sales. Qualcomm obviously doesn’t expect a complete ban on the competing company; they still expect a significant claim over Apple, they are taking their time to present some prominent arguments in the court.

Recently, Apple also stopped paying any royalties to Qualcomm, claiming their current charges to be unfair. Qualcomm, despite being a small company, earns hundreds of millions per quarter. It is the main chipset supplier of all the popular Smartphones. Apple itself has been using Qualcomm chipset for years now.

Qualcomm also has tons of wireless technologies’ patents under its name. So even if you are shipping an Intel based chipset Smartphone, you will still have to seek a patents license from Qualcomm. Apple is tired of Qualcomm’s high price demands, and Qualcomm is seeking revenue from its patent licensing. Both companies have sued each other and Apple is demanding $1 billion. Apple wants lower royalties whereas Qualcomm wants to maintain its patent business.