You must be thinking, when were iPhone’s prices ever cheap? Right. But, they were never this expensive either. According to a report by Goldman Sachs, KGI Securities and Fast Companies have famed Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, who was hinting on the fact that the company might start its iPhone 8 pricing at $1,000. In short, the company claims that none of their iPhone’s have demanded this much manufacturing cost.

DigiTimes threw some light on the subject, as they revealed that Apple’s supplier TPK Holdings has demanded 2-2.5x the price, in order to integrate the 3D touch on its display. This increases the cost from $7-9 to $18-22, compared to its older generations.

They have moved to OLED screens, which directly bond the 3D touch sensors and an OLED panel on the cover. OLED alone is adding $35 in its manufacturing cost. Its 3D sense technology adds $20, whereas the memory up gradation makes it $16-29 more expensive. All in all, its 3D touch module, add $100 in its total cost. It will also feature wireless charging, and a touch integrated display, which will only make it more expensive.

As we all know, Apple doesn’t shy away from raising its price. The company has also increased its MacBook Pro price dramatically; however the brand loyalty continues to remain just the same.  So we suggest, you should start saving today if you want to wrap your hands around iPhone 8.