A bunch of hackers called “The Shadow Brokers” have taken the responsibility of WannaCry malware. They also revealed that they stole these malware tools from NSA.

Normangee Star recently reported that this group posted a blog, claiming that NSA has designed a flawed tool to hack into the Windows operating system, which they used to spread the malware. This attack trapped over 230,000 systems across 150 countries. It is also reported that it has affected systems of some major entities like FedEx, National Health Service of Britain and many more.

The attack basically relied on an exploit known as EternalBlue. Shadow Brokers, claimed that they stool the tool about two months before the attack. They also shared that they had some Oracle vulnerabilities, which were fortunately patched as soon as NSA informed Oracle. These hackers are also making some major claims, to have missile and nuke programs of various countries. Apart from EternalBlue, they have also leaked Equation Group, which is also believed to be a part of NSA.

As of now these hackers, don’t plan on selling this information to criminals or big bounties, they are rather taking pride that they were able to hack in these systems without much effort. They have also criticized NSA for holding exploits and vulnerabilities of other companies, while also claiming that Microsoft is embarrassed and pushing the blame on others unable to fix their own defaults. This news raises more questions of data security and why these tech brands are always unable to fix these issues.