Nest Secure is a modular system for arming your doors and windows. Nest, a home security system company, is excited to introduce its new product Nest Secure. The company makes different innovative security systems, and was founded back in 2010, had released several products and services in the past but Nest Secure is going to be revolutionary.

Nest Secure, which was announced at an event in San Francisco, comes with a modular system designed intricately for better security and simplicity. The system features Nest Guard, a small device with a keypad and communicates with other devices (Nest Detects) and alarms are triggered if someone makes an entry without disarming the Nest system. Nest has provided the facility to connect the system with the phones so that users can get immediate updates.

Nest Guard, supposedly a Central hub of the system, features a motion sensor, which can connect to your Wi-Fi network and with the company’s own mobile application. To arm the Guard, users use the app to tell that they are leaving and there is a countdown for the system rearming. While entering back home, users can just enter the password and it will be disarmed through the app or users can use NFC feature to turn it off with the help of Nest Tags.

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The nest is also introducing detecting devices in their Secure Starter Pack, and they won’t require a network connection or power supply as they will run on batteries and would communicate with the Nest Guard using company’s network technology Weave. The system comes in a starter pack for 499 Dollars and the sales will begin in the US, Canada and European market at the end of the year. It is also selling the individual units like Nest Detect for 59$ and Nest Tags for 25$ and their pre-booking has been open.