Samsung might launch its own new voice assistant named ‘Bixby’, this year, with Galaxy S8. The company used the name Bixby for the first time in a documentation, which was discovered from a private local page. This could turn out to be a game changer or a letdown for the mobile industry.

Samsung Italy’s privacy page marked the first mention of Bixby, which was spotted first on the same by 9to5 Google.

This article stated that, Bixby will allow you to operate certain features like song play, internet surfing, etc, much like using the S voice (virtual assistant on Galaxy devices). You will be able to operate all your touch interface operations through voice commands, just like any another voice assistant, across other devices.

Samsung hasn’t commented anything on the news regarding Bixby. But it is likely that it will coexist with the S Voice. This might turn out to be confusing; considering the operation of two voice assistants across devices. The distribution of commands might get restricted because of this coexistence.

Depending on how advanced Bixby turns out to be, it could set a bench mark over other voice assistants. Google is launching a search based assistant with its new Android Nougat this year, which can be a major competition for Bixby.

Samsung will explain and unveil all features of Galaxy S8 on 29th March in a media event.