One of the most hiked speculation in the mobile industry is that; Samsung is all set to unveil the first ever foldable smartphone. It is believed that the company has been working on creating a smartphone that is flexible enough to fold and bend, but so far nothing is confirmed.

If Korean news ETNews reports, are to be believed, the smartphone might see the light of the day, later this year. The company is said to be taking it slow, by planning to release only a thousand models this year, and plans on launching it commercially in 2018. ETNews also reports that Samsung took initiative in Mobile World Congress 2017, sharing the technology of the smartphone with a few ‘major mobile network providers’. PC revealed that the project will be known as ‘Galaxy X’ and ‘Project Valley’.

In theory, the idea of foldable smartphone, is genius. It gives you double the screen size, without looking bulky, which would make it more manageable. This be the major selling point for Samsung, and might help the company to win the crown from Apple. Samsung is yet to comment on these speculations and rumors, however these companies are known to maintain confidentiality when it comes to unannounced projects.

Samsung has been talking about the potential possibility of foldable screens and phones since 2013. This might be the year when Samsung changes the game of the mobile industry, by turning foldable screens into a reality.