Sir Tim Berners Lee was honored with 50th Annual Turing Award and was awarded $1 million by Google. The curator of www, who introduced World Wide Web to the world, was appreciated and awarded for his much deserved success. The awards are conducted every year by ACM (Association for Computing Machinery), which gives recognition to contributions in the field of computer science. Sir Tim is a renowned Oxford and MIT professor, who established the most used and popular www phrase.

Sir Tim developed the all key components including URLs and browsers, which allows us to use the internet. His vision and idea has contributed in the advancement of multiple subjects relating to the working of internet. It is impossible to think of a world without Lee, as it might be a world without Web.

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He initiated the idea of ‘Internet’ in 1945, which paved through the innovations of Vannevar Bush words in ‘web of knowledge’. In an interview, Sir Tim credited his contribution to computer science, humbly to his parents and co workers, who supported and helped him in creating the invention of the century.

Sir Tim holds a high regard in the hearts of every web user, he has helped in shaping the technology around the world. While taking his award he quoted “Feel free to use it any time you like”, giving the world a hint of his still alive wit.