Twitter has launched a new website, Twitter Lite for its mobile users who refuse to use the Android app. This is a lighter version of the website, which naturally works faster consuming not too much of your data. The website aims at taking over the emerging markets in the world, like India, where some people are still using 2G data, with cheap outdated smartphones.

It saves upto 50% of you data, which runs 30% faster than its previous speed, making it perfect for even slow connections or flaky networks. It will be available everywhere in the world from 6th April. They are targeting countries like Africa, India and Latin America, who still experience low or poor internet connection and majority of their population uses cheap Android phones.

The app will also offer twitter push notifications, through Google chrome directly, which will give an Android app feel to the website. Being built for low connection users, it allows you to tweet even if your connection gets dropped, by using cache history for tweets. Its data saver mode will not download any image or video without user permission which will help you save on some extra data.

It is a website that will offer you an app like service, consuming minimum data at a faster and smoother working speed. Twitter invested six months in creating the website, with the help of an engineering team based in Bangalore. It can be a major step to widespread popularity for the social media platform as it is estimated that 1.1 billion Indian smartphones users still use 2G network.