When it comes to launching new interactive features, Twitter never falls behind the race. It has become the talk of the town that Twitter is most likely to surprise its users with a cool feature update called tweetstorm. Founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey and team, Twitter has garnered a user base of some 330 million people, sharing their lives in 140 characters, has time to time reinvented itself for better interface and user experience.

Tweetstorm is an exciting feature, as it allows its users to write a series of tweets separately, and post as one Tweetstorm, thus eliminating the need to post multiple-related tweets and handling them separately or replying to them. Twitter has however declined to acknowledge any such update and is uncertain about the launch date of the feature.

Twitter has earlier launched exciting features like Moments, Live streaming videos, private DMs so it would be thrilling to see how Twitter unrolls Tweetstorm. It’s possible that the popular tweeting site may include graphics and media with tweet series, opening vast gates for innovation and creativity. It would revolutionize the way Twitter is used, users could go on to tweet suspenseful stories, bigger events with more details or they could just tweet a gigantic rant on something that deserves more than 140 character treatment.

It’s no wonder that modern battles are fought on twitter grounds, whether it’s JK Rowling’s tweet attack on Pence and Trump or Sehwag-Morgan Brawl, Twitter always remains in the news. It is, however, one of the most popular brand building site and app, and the race of making the hashtags trending never end. The new feature might as well give a good chance to Twitteratis to share their thoughts in a better way.