Twitter recently made a major announcement, which involves removing its standard egg; default avatar.  Ever Since 2010, Twitter has been using a Default Egg avatar for its new users, without any display images. The idea was initiated as sweet gesture, considering new user as an Egg, who will soon enter Twitter world, by making his/her first tweet. However, it has now turned into a symbol of Internet bullying and harassment.

Several cyber bullies do not attach any image to their account, thus using this egg to harass other users. Egg avatar, is being replaced by a nondescript person figure; much like in Facebook, which won’t be surrounded or filled with bright colors.

Twitter gave three reasons for this major change in its recent blog. First is; the company wanted to try a new look, which can help reflect the expressiveness and diversity of its users. Second, they feel the cuteness of the Egg avatar, discouraged users from changing their avatar. The new avatar seems empty, which is likely to encourage people to upload more expressive images. Third was a major point, relating to the increase of harassment on the platform. The company feels, some accounts were made with the mere purpose of harassment, which turned Egg avatar to symbolize with a negative connotation.

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Majority of users with the Egg as a default image, were involved in negative behavior. Several users are criticizing Twitter, that rather than battling with harassment, they walked out of the issue by changing the icon, which likely won’t affect these cyber bullies.