Amazon has decided to begin airing pilots of prime videos on its live streaming channel Twitch. Although Twitch is popular for being the preferred platform of gamers, as it provides them with options of live steaming their games; the platform will now get popular among T.V viewing audience as well. Primarily because now it is opening doors for a more diverse array of content.

The content that will be aired, will be on the current channels of the platform only. Three shows have already been shortlisted to be a part of the 2017 Spring season. Throughout the pilot season, these shows will air for 24 hours, back to back.

There are multiple reasons behind this move, apart from making Twitch more popular. The channel will also serve as a platform for testing best shows for Amazon originals. Amazon has increasingly been creating niche channels, and recently launched a branded video channel for the American Prime members.

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Twitch is Amazon’s live video streaming platform, with new pilot content on the platform, Amazon is further promoting live streaming, which is already gaining increased popularity. What is also gaining popularity is user generated content, especially across mobiles. Live streaming is also increasingly being used by brands to reach a wider audience.