Mark Zuckerberg has time and again claimed live-streams to be the future of Facebook, however the terrifying and traumatizing means these are being used, continues to get more disturbing with time.

The recent Facebook Live broadcast of a 15 year old girl’s sexual assault, made headlines and has shocked many users, this also brought to light a similar incident that occurred last year. This doesn’t end here, there have been multiple cases, where people are using live streaming videos to commit suicide, harass people and more. These are also leading to increased cases of cyber bulling.

Facebook’s failing attempts to catch up, raises the question, whether social media platform is on a road to its doom. Mark’s transformational attempt to induce video sharing, instead of pictures, initiated the idea of live stream, which is now showing a darker side of the internet.

Facebook is in a tough place currently, and this issue demands to be tackled with a lot of care. The giant would obviously not want to be associated with violence and is thus planning on ways to restrict such violent content.

Facebook can use Cloud Video Intelligence API provided by Google to catch or screen videos promoting or involving violence. However, there is no technical solution to detect or catch violence in a video, which makes it harder for the company, to solve this problem.