Cyber criminals are sneaking in malicious content and apps on Google App Store. While majority of people are cautious of the malicious elements targeting their computers, many ignore this threat on their mobile devices.

Applications are the simplest way to attack these Smartphones, often these apps lure people in by posing as a useful and innocent platform, which actually aims at stealing user’s data. Both Android and iOS based phones are targeted by such hackers. However according to a study, Android devices have more such apps offerings compared to iOS.

One can understand why Android is targeted at such scale; mainly because it has a bigger audience and market. Another reason which can be considered is the fact that iOS users avoid downloading apps from any other App store. Within a few months in the year, we have had multiple such instances where malware was reported in Google Play store apps.

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According to a recent report over 1.5 million people were tricked in installing these apps which were designed to steal Instagram credentials of users. These malware apps were available on Google play store until cyber security researchers alerted the concerned team from Google. These cyber criminals are always looking through loop holes to exploit the data security of unaware users. Google needs introduce more than a single layer defense in its mechanism to create a secure downloading environment for users.