US judge says that Uber might have known that the engineer was indeed ‘radioactive’. The judge working on the presiding Waymo trade secret war with Uber claims that there is overwhelming evidence that the engineer was carrying the confidential files. However, nothing can be confirmed due to the missing proof which can clear that they illegally used the company data.

The Judge is stuck in a hypothetical situation, where he knows the truth, however he still can’t sanction anything due to the lack of proof. These skeptic comments cast doubt as to whether he will grant Waymo’s appeal and freeze Uber’s development on its autonomous car project until the jury issues any verdict.

Waymo showcased a strong case, depicting that an engineer named Anthony Levandowski illegally downloaded 14,000 documents, before he left his company, and established a new startup which was later purchased by Uber. However no evidence was discovered during the development and research of this case.

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The judge is still stuck on deciding whether he should impose immediate restrictions on the self driving program of Uber, merely believing Waymo’s claim. Or just refuse a judgment and ask the sides to present further proves and details in the court. Waymo can’t accuse Uber as there is no evidence that any employ at Uber was aware of theft of these 14,000 files.