Microsoft’s new Windows 10 S update can charge you up to $49. Microsoft Windows 10 S is an ambitious project, which is designed to accompany students through elementary schools, to college. 10 S is mainly reserved for the four walled classrooms, to offer bigger and broader picture of the world. However, majority of vendors in market are selling laptops based on Windows S.

Microsoft has already set the release for its new venture; Surface laptop, which is designed especially for students. Windows 10 S works on a simple OS, which is almost identical to its prior version. Microsoft is known for preventing its users from downloading apps from random sources.

In order to promote the Windows, it has orchestrated two hardware systems: a $300 notebook for young students and $999 Surface Laptops for higher education, which is estimated to dominate over MacBook Air sales. Since both Windows are focused on education, it depends on the teacher preference, whether they want to opt for a non-store application, which will only be possible on Windows 10 Pro.

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If you purchase a Windows 10 S device, through a retailer and don’t join it with an educational domain, Microsoft says that it’s going to cost you under $49 to upgrade into Windows 10 Pro. This offer has a temporary exception for consumers, whose devices are priced over $799. They won’t have to pay extra for the upgrade and this will also include a free subscription of Office 365. According to Surface Laptop page on Microsoft’s official site, this free upgrade offer will expire on 31st December 2017.