The tech rumors have been doing the rounds now for over a year. There is strong evidence that suggests that Samsung might finally launch its first dual camera phone with Galaxy Note 8.

However these reports and speculation were crashed, when @mmddjchina, a well known leaker, reported that Samsung is not planning to launch its first dual camera with Note 8. But the next tweet by the leaker, definitely brought smile to Samsung’s fans faces as he declared an early debut of the feature, which will be added on Galaxy C Smartphone. But we are still skeptic as a hand drawn sketch is not convincing evidence.

Samsung is already making a delayed entry in this trend of advanced technology. While its Galaxy S series are getting excellent reviews for its camera hardware, which also includes ‘Portrait Mode’, it is popular for mimicking the effects of DSLR photography.

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Launching the radically new feature with the Galaxy 8 Smartphone, would have been a risky step, given the company cannot repeat the debacle that involved Galaxy Note 7 batteries. Launching this new feature, in a separate model, makes it a safer try out that can turn out to become the selling point for the new product. Whether Galaxy C launches before Galaxy Note 8, the dual cameras definitely looks like a significant plan on Samsung’s vision.