Whenever there is a monopoly, there comes a time when users began to feel a desperate need for more choices. This can be explained well with the example of Mozilla Firefox; one of the few popular web browser option for desktops, after Google. Although Mozilla Firefox has been around for quite sometime now, and is well suited for desktops running on Windows, Ubuntu as well as Linux, it still has not become a very popular choice among people. As majority of users still prefer to operate using Google Chrome.

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Mozilla Firefox download might not be the first choice of many users, but you still cannot ignore the multitude of features it provides. Mozilla Firefox is one of those browsers which have a few features that you have not been provided with even in Google Chrome. One of those features is its extreme focus on user privacy and security. Firefox is considered to be one of those web browsers that provides better user security features than Google Chrome. And with the launching of its most recent update, it has become even better. Read on to know more about the browser, and how it can be a great choice for you as well.

Background to Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox was launched in the year 2004, when Internet Explorer was the popular browser choice among users. It was launched, and continues to operate as an open source web browser, thus allowing for a great amount of customization, unlike any other popular web browsers. At the time of its launch, Mozilla Firefox gained considerable success and popularity in a very short span of time, and was considered a serious challenge to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. However, with the coming of Google Chrome, it witnessed a downfall. The updates of the application still did not stop, and for users not operating on Windows or iOS, Mozilla continues to be a preferred option.

What’s New in the Current Version

Currently Mozilla Firefox is running in its 52nd version, the latest features of this version are as follows:

mozilla firefox

  • A simpler and faster user interface. There were complaints from users about Mozilla being slow when running multiple apps, this is one of the drawbacks that has been worked upon in the latest offering.
  • The privacy and security features in Mozilla have been strengthened further with the latest malware and antivirus features.
  • Mozilla Firefox download has become even faster. The app has also begun occupying a greater amount of space with the most recent update.
  • Mozilla was never really considered ideal for Apple devices, with this edition, its support for iOS has also been improved.
  • The performance of the browser on Android, Windows, Linux and devices on other non Apple devices continues to be smooth and pleasing as always.


Key Features

Apart from the latest features you can get in through Mozilla Firefox download, there are also certain key aspects of the browser, which continue to remain same, in all of its versions.

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  • Power Saving: Video streaming across Mozilla Firefox takes up lesser CPU power than Google Chrome, this has been tested across multiple versions of both the browsers. Even if you are streaming HD videos on YouTube using Mozilla Firefox, you will find your battery will last longer as compared to devices using Chrome.
  • Smooth Text Scrolling: It has often been noticed that on heavy web pages, Mozilla Firefox scrolls faster and smoother than Google Chrome. There are more options for vertical mouse scroll in Mozilla Firefox, than Google Chrome.
  • Customizable User Interface: This is one of the greatest advantages using Mozilla Firefox. The amount of customization it allows is greater than what you can get in any other browser. In the year 2013, Mozilla completely revamped its UI, and the users did not appreciate it much, its developers thus introduced a ‘Classic Theme Restorer’ as well. This made Mozilla Firefox undoubtedly the most customizable web browser in the market.

mozilla firefox

Tips for Downloading and Running Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox download is certainly something we would recommend you to do. This is not only extremely easy, but can also give you a kind of user experience you will be delighted to have. Given below are a few tips that you should consider while downloading and using Mozilla Firefox.


  • Firefox is certainly one of those browsers that can provide you with a smooth and hassle free performance, it however needs some amount of time to give you the best possible experience. It is advisable to not interrupt the process of Mozilla Firefox download and installation.
  • Make sure you have the required amount of space to accommodate the application in your system, as this is responsible for the kind of performance you experience while making use of the browser.
  • One of the most security and privacy oriented browser you can come across is Mozilla Firefox; it not only provides you with Private Browsing Mode, but also ensures your security. Therefore, your privacy is something you certainly do not have to be concerned about while using this browser.

Mozilla Firefox