The greatest rivalry or competition that can be witnessed among two leading brands is the one between Samsung Galaxy S8 v/s Iphone 7. Both are giants in their own market. As much as users love Apple and iOS, its almost annoying exclusivity cannot be overlooked. Which is one of the main reasons that drives users towards Android. And this is where Samsung comes in. The closest alternative to iPhones. Today, instead of comparing the Plus or the latest models released from both brands, we would instead compare their lower versions. Which are Apple iPhone 7, and Samsung S8. Although the devices claim to provide users with an equally pleasing performance, there are a lot of differences between them, and only one of them can get the crown. Let’s begin the comparison, and see who the winner is.


The key point of comparison in Samsung Galaxy S8 v/s Iphone 7, that can be noticed even with eyes shut, is the external design. iPhone 7 has an all metal body, with bezels all over. Samsung S8 on the other hand has a glass body, with bezels only on top and bottom. Although the screen size of Samsung S8 is 1.1 inch greater than that of iPhone 7, the overall size difference between their sizes is only of 10mm.


Moving ahead of the basic design components for Samsung Galaxy S8 v/s Iphone 7, we now have to focus on the screen. The technologies in both the devices are obviously different, thus providing different amount of resolutions as well. With just a 4.7 inch long, LCD screen, iPhone 7 provides an HD resolution with 1334 X 750 pixels(326 PPI), which forms its ‘Retina Display’.  All this does not seem very different from what was offered already in iPhone 6S.

Samsung Galaxy S8 v/s Iphone 7
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Samsung S8’s display seems more promising. This device no more has a flat screen, and instead a curved one, and that too of 5.8 inches! This offers an AMOLED screen with QHD display and a screen resolution of 2960 X 1440 pixels (570 PPI). The infinity display of the device works wonders; both the devices have been paired with a fingerprint sensor. This time, Samsung has it on the back, taking the Samsung Galaxy S8 v/s Iphone 7 debate to another level.

Samsung Galaxy S8 v/s Iphone 7
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The processor in iPhone continues to be the one designed by Apple itself, iPhone 7 runs on A10 Fusion, which clocks at 2.34 GHZ. Samsung S8 runs on the latest Snapdragon 835 octacore processor, which clocks at 2.35 GHZ (only in America). In other markets across the globe, Samsung S8 runs on Exynos 8895 octacore processor, clocking at 1.7 GHZ.

iPhone 7 provides the users with DDR 4, 2GB RAM, and three different storage variants of 32 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB. Samsung on the other hand provides DDR 4, 4GB RAM, and 64 GB expandable storage. The limited RAM in iPhones is surely a turn off here, taking away a point from Apple in Samsung Galaxy S8 v/s Iphone 7.


One of the most looked forward to features in a mobile definitely comprises of the camera specifications. Although the number of megapixels in cameras in both the devices differ, they can certainly offer brilliant images. The camera quality of iPhone 7 is not as good as the one in 7 Plus. iPhone 7 provides a 7 MP front camera and a 12 MP rear camera, which although is better than the one in iPhone 6S, but not as good as the one in 7Plus. The rear camera in Samsung S7 is also of equal megapixels, and the front camera is a little better, with 8 MP. Both the cameras support an LED flash and auto focus, pitching for a draw in Samsung Galaxy S8 v/s Iphone 7 debate.

Battery and Operating System

A common factor between the battery of both these devices is that these are both non – removable batteries, the battery life of Samsung S8 is still better than that of iPhone 7. S8 has a 300 mAh non removable battery, and offers a battery life of upto 20 hours. iPhone 7 on the other hand has a battery of 1960 mAh, and cannot last longer than 14 hours on a single charge.

The operating system of both the devices is the latest one available. Apple uses iOS 10, and Samsung makes use of Android Nougat, therefore in terms of user interface, Samsung Galaxy S8 v/s Iphone 7 provide the equal amount of ease, which they have always been synonymous with.


It might or might not be surprising for you to know, but the amount of sensors provided by Apple is lesser than what you have been provided in Samsung. S8 has a total of seven sensors, whereas iPhone 7 has six, so you know who’s ahead in Samsung Galaxy S8 v/s Iphone 7. The sensors common in both devices include: Digital Compass, Accelerometer, Barometer, GPS, Gyroscope, and Fingerprint scanner. The one additional sensor in Samsung S8 is the Heart Rate Monitor. This brings us to another advantage of the android device, Samsung S8 provides you with digital payment apps like Samsung Pay, and Android Pay. Whereas through iPhone, you can only make use of Apple Pay.


This is one of those comparisons where deriving the winner was a very easy thing to do. Keeping in mind all the above mentioned features and multiple areas where Samsung S8 has an edge over iPhone 7, it can easily be classified as the winner among Samsung Galaxy S8 v/s Iphone 7. Samsung S8 not only provides its users with a bigger screen size and a better screen resolution, but also a better battery life and an increased count of sensors.

What should also be noted here is the fact that Android Nougat is advanced software than iOS. This might be too much for you to digest if you are an iOS fan, but believe us, this is the hard truth. iOS 10 is just not the right software for jailbreaked iPhones. If all this is not enough to convince you about the advantages of Android, you can take into account the universal fact of its easy connectivity with other devices, unlike Apple’s exclusivity. Another point you should pay attention to is the camera specification, which although do not have a very large difference, Samsung is better over here as well. For us, the crown would certainly go to Samsung S8.