Millions of users consume themselves in the power of android every day. Its broadness has made this software a popular choice amongst users. You can run any app from games to PDF on this device. Unlike iOS, it is available in multiple price ranges, starting from 2000 to more expensive ones.

So, to pay tribute to this platform we have listed some unknown features which are available in Android.

  1. Screen Pinning

This was launched with android 5.0. This feature allows you to lock your phone while using certain apps. In order to enable this feature you can simply go to your security menu and enable the feature, adding a code. Now you can pin the app that you would like to be locked in your phone.

  1. Guest Mode

Just like your PC, your phone can also have restricted entry in your system, by certain users only. In order to enable this, you can go to your device settings and create a new guest account. These guest accounts will provide access to restricted to data on your phone.

  1. Multi-Window Support

Split screen is a popular feature which is used by almost every one of us. However, Android 7 is giving a completely different look, which is being compared to iOS. In order to use this feature, you just have to tap and hold on your home screens.

  1. Manage Annoying Notifications

Android can deliver some great tips to avoid all the frustration that one might feel getting all the unimportant notifications. In order to manage these notifications, just press long and then disable the notification for the app.

  1. Install Other Stores

Unlike iOS, android doesn’t discriminate and allows its users to download apps from other sources as well. All you have to do is disable the security feature in your settings and you will be able to download whatever you want.

  1. Clear Recent Apps

This feature allows you to manage memory usage of the applications on your phone. This can help you in managing your battery. All you have to do is scroll down the notification or hold the home screen on your phone and simply press the cross sign and that app will no longer drain your phone’s battery life.

So now, use these features and you will be able to discover and explore android in a whole new level.